Absolute Wildlife Removal

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Are You Protected?

Your home is re-claimed, great! For how long, though? Wildlife, especially in the fall and winter, would love a cozy pre-built home to share with you even if just for half the year. We can make sure nothing gets back in, and do a quick check on other potential future entry points so you can rest easy.

Chimney Caps

Have you ever awoken and found that there was a squirrel sleeping in your favorite chair? Or the last time it rained, your living room fireplace was drowned by water? You probably need to fix or reinstall your chimney cap. There are many different kinds of these accessories, but it all boils down to a trio of specific types. The design may change, but you’ll likely encounter only one of these three to keep undesirables from tumbling down the chimney.

A single flue cap is installed when the actual chimney flue is taller than the chimney. Crown mounted caps are for flues that are flush with the top of the chimney and can also be employed when there is more than one chimney. Lastly, the inside mount cap will be found on a square or round chimney flue.

Now that you have an idea of the different devices, are you sure you want to crawl up on a ladder and tempt your insurance policy as you bounce down to Terra Firma?