Absolute Wildlife Removal

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Are You Protected?

Your home is re-claimed, great! For how long, though? Wildlife, especially in the fall and winter, would love a cozy pre-built home to share with you even if just for half the year. We can make sure nothing gets back in, and do a quick check on other potential future entry points so you can rest easy.

Bird Deterrents

Pest birds can be noisy, smelly, unsightly, destructive and even dangerous to your health. No matter what type of bird control problem you’re having, we have the solution. Birds can also cost you more than you think if left unresolved. We bird-proof homes and commercial buildings with an arsenal of different options to choose from to suit your situation. As fun as getting some target practice with your bb gun or .22 rifle, sometimes it’s just enough (or your neighbors have complained). Absolute Wildlife Removal can install deterrent spikes, nets, shock strips, anti-perching coils and wire configurations, ledge slides and more.

Every year, birds cause millions of dollars of damage to corporate and professional buildings, small businesses, boats and homes – but that represents only a small portion of the overall cost of a bird problem: In addition to all that property damage, there are serious health hazards posed by bird droppings, mite-infested nesting sites and dead birds.